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Here are some tips for searching our collections:

The data in the search results have not been verified completely. They should be viewed as a guide to the collections and they should not be used uncritically.

Specimen Acronym: After the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (LACM) acquired the California Institute of Technology (CIT) Vertebrate Paleontology collections, the Caltech original specimen and locality catalogue numbers were retained. For this reason, the specimen numbers of these two collections overlap, and are distinguished by their acronyms.

In most cases it is preferable to leave this search field blank so it will pick both options for you.

Taxon: Typically you will search by the name of a genus. Using the name for a higher classification level will return all specimens identified to that level and below. For example, a search for Ceratopsidae will return specimens that are identified as Ceratopsidae, Styracosaurus, Triceratops, alticornis, and others within the family Ceratopsidae. When searching for a specific taxon, you may enter * after the first few letters to search for all specimens where those letters begin one of the classification levels. For example, typing "tri*" results in a list that includes all specimens in the order Triconodonta, family Trionychidae, genus Triceratops, and others.

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